Medium temperature collectors are generally used for solar drying, cooking and distillation.

Cooking: Solar cookers use sunlight for cooking by using reflectors to concentrate light on a cooking container. These designs cook faster and at higher temperature s (upto 350 o C ) but require direct light to function properly. The solar kitchen in Auroville uses the solar bowl technology which uses a fixed spherical reflector with a receiver that tracks the focus of light as the Sun moves across the sky. The receiver reaches a temperature of 150 o C that is used to produce steam that helps cook 2000 daily meals.
Distillation: Solar stills can be used to make drinking water in area where clean water is not common. Solar distillation is necessary in these situations to provide people with purified water. Solar energy heats up the water in still which then evaporates and condenses on the bottom of covering glass. The condensate then flow across a gradient along the bottom of the glass plate to a collector.